What’s so great about FutureScope?

FutureScope is a not-for-profit Irish focused tech conference with a clear mission – creating new opportunities.

I’m delighted to be on board as their managing editor as they are a Snow Furnace client.

The power behind FutureScope is Dublin BIC, who have been tirelessly  assisting Irish tech businesses for 25+ years.

Dublin BIC have been beavering away providing mentoring, advice, office space and access to angel investors through their HBAN network.

FutureScope the event is the embodiment of how they help businesses – by connecting people together that they think could do great things together.

The network they’ve built up spans from the largest multinationals down to the smallest start-ups and all points in between.

We live and work in a community of one thousand extremely busy tech companies. FutureScope is where the cream of those companies of all sizes come together to take stock, share success stories and point out future opportunities.

Dublin has a unique spirit that we all love. FutureScope celebrates that by providing a platform for some of the sharpest minds working in the Irish tech scene today.

We’re going to use the FutureScope blog to share more information on our speakers and make FutureScope even more valuable by kick-starting conversations in advance that can be continued in the Conference Centre on May 31st.

I look forward to curating these advance conversations and engaging with all who have opinions, thoughts and ideas they’d like to throw in the mix!

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