What would you do with access to Ryanair’s 100m customers?

That’s the question Ryanair CTO John Hurley will be asking at #FutureScope on May 31st.

I know I’m not the only one paying close attention to Ryanair.

Over the past 18 months they have confounded everyone by discovering that being cuddlier was worth an extra 20 million + passengers.

That’s been the story that’s been front and centre but what I’ve found really exciting is Ryanair Labs.

Not only have Ryanair completely rebuilt their site in-house they are now starting to turn that 200 strong team on new projects.

I’ve just interviewed their CTO John Hurley in advance of his speaking appearance at the FutureScope conference – you can read the piece here.

John was overflowing with enthusiasm for Ryanair’s future.

In a paraphrased nutshell his attitude is:

Forget that we’re an airline. Don’t hit me with boring obvious ideas. Ryanair have 100m+ paying customers and 5 Bn+ hits a year. What would you do with that? We want to know.

John sees Ryanair as a massive start-up that doesn’t have to worry about paying the bills.

They are ripe and ready for action.

So in the interests of getting this conversation going I have a question for you my friends in tech.

What would you do with access to their 100m+ paying customers?

How can you help your company and Ryanair grow?

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