The World Is Getting Flatter

Some people hate the fact that the internet is eating everything but it’s unavoidable.

The world is getting flatter everyday and it’s because of this thing called the internet.

Everything we know is being transformed not just by access to information but by how we are applying tech to process information streams.

We’re only at the start of a process that’s rewiring how everything works.

It’s breath-talking in it’s brilliance and I believe great for the individual.

The internet is making the world flatter.

Our societies are evolving from cumbersome top-down hierarchical systems into states where power is distributed.

As a result what you dream up is becoming far more important than who you know.

Technology has been the biggest agent of change in this regard.

It’s getting harder and harder to control information, to control behaviour, to control the market.

Unseen forces who used to populate conspiracy theories are becoming obsolete.

We see this as technology moves through industry after industry and turns norms on its head.

Examples are all around us and there are more to come. Many more.

Even the least powerful in the world are using tech to plot their own destinies.

As Europe struggles to keep refugees out they use smartphones to get where they want to be.

All of the power used to rest with those who controlled the traditional definition of capital.

Capital is being devalued everyday.

We are on the verge of negative interest rates.

A flatter earth is one with greater equality and greater opportunity for all.

Tech has achieved in less than a generation what technocrats have stalled for decades.

We need to embrace these opportunities and ensure they are used to create a better quality of life for all.

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