Thank you Hemingway!



I’m writing this on the Hemingway editor, an app which helps with writing clear, concise text.
The aim when using Hemingway is to write pieces which are readable by grade 10 kids.
As you type, Hemingway tells you if a sentence is hard to read.
Adverbs and the passive voice are big no-nos and get flagged.
I love it. The aim of all communication is to reach as many people as possible.
Long-windedness is a waste of everyone’s time and a massive barrier.
When I was a kid we learnt German – the ‘language of the future’ they told us.
Esperanto had flopped and the world seemed to have given up on the idea of a unifying language.
In Ireland we didn’t think we’d be so lucky that the language we had foisted upon us would become such a valuable asset. German it was we all studied then.
Now we pride ourselves as speaking the best version of English in the world as we talk the world into submission.
Every major U.S. firm uses Ireland as their European base and for that we need to thank the British for lending us their language.
Our Irish vanity is deceptive. Our Hiberno-English dialect isn’t the best version in the world.
Simple English is.
Hemingway English.
Thank you Adam and Ben Long for Hemingway. Love your work!
(I’m not allowed as an Irish person to write a piece about language without saying how amazing and lyrical and beautiful Irish is. This covers it.)

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