Irish at Web Summit Round-Up

Now that the dust has settled it’s a good time to see who benefited from Web Summit and how. Over the three days (and nights) of Web Summit I kept tabs on a host of companies including Tribal VC, DAQRI, Intercom, NewsWhip, CurrencyFair, Pundit Arena, Videodoc, Bizimply, Soapbox Labs, ChannelSight, Ragsbox, Playertek, Cubic Telecom, Firmwave, […]

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Customers Are Not Assholes

I’m having lunch with a good friend of mine and we’re discussing Intercom. I put it to him that the publisher he works for could use Intercom to transform how they interact with readers. “Sure why would we do that”, he replied, “We do our best to keep our readers at bay. Large companies make it […]

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