#prewebsummit #1 with Jason Musante, Havas Worldwide

#prewebsummit is a series of interviews that I’m conducting on Twitter.

There’s some great people coming our way for the (last?) Dublin Web Summit.

First up is the amazing Jason Musante, Global Group Creative Director at Havas and MD of their NY office.

He’s is working at the logical crossroads of storytelling and tech, for example utilising VR opportunities in an award winning manner.

Jason is defining the only place to be right now IMHO.

That’s him above, making his five word acceptance speech at the Webbys.

Jason’s speaking at the Web Summit about the new level of customer engagement that digital storytelling enables.

We had a brief Twitter chat last night:

Your best habit?

My best habit? Reading – anything that catches my eye, I read. From history, to industry, graphic novels and more.

Why Web Summit?

Web Summit has the most diverse speakers/view points/interesting people of almost any similar event. Plus Dublin!

Greatest lesson you’ve learnt?

Make good work and the rest takes care of itself.

What’s your favourite business software (and why)?

Google Docs has changed the way we work. Collaboration is our competitive advantage and Docs makes it possible.

Your hottest tech tip right now?

Monitor your sleeping habits using technology to improve cognitive function. Sleeping better = being smarter.

Biggest source of optimism?

I teach kids who can’t afford expensive advertising schools by helping them make portfolios. They never give up.

“Making Technology Influence People”, 10am, Nov 3rd, Marketing Stage, Web Summit

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