Croke Park Smart Stadium could be the iPhone of IOT

IOT is going to be huge. We all know that – but there’s lots to be figured out. I’m really grateful to the amazing people at Dublin Globe for inviting me to find out more about the Croke Park Smart Stadium project. Having such a large scale IOT test bed on our door-step is a […]

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#prewebsummit #1 with Jason Musante, Havas Worldwide

#prewebsummit is a series of interviews that I’m conducting on Twitter. There’s some great people coming our way for the (last?) Dublin Web Summit. First up is the amazing Jason Musante, Global Group Creative Director at Havas and MD of their NY office. He’s is working at the logical crossroads of storytelling and tech, for example […]

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Customers Are Not Assholes

I’m having lunch with a good friend of mine and we’re discussing Intercom. I put it to him that the publisher he works for could use Intercom to transform how they interact with readers. “Sure why would we do that”, he replied, “We do our best to keep our readers at bay. Large companies make it […]

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Tech Lessons From Gay Byrne #2 – Data Driven Insights Rule.

We made a major data driven decision every week on The Late Late Show. Our source data was the show viewing figures. All RTE programme makers live and die by the ratings. Even though everyone says ratings don’t matter they are all that matters. Share of available audience is the only metric that counts. In […]

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Tech firm lessons from Gay Byrne

“The project is bigger than the individual.” Gay Byrne loves routine. When I worked with him he presented a radio show five days a week plus a live TV show every Friday. Routine was crucial. That TV show was The Late Late Show – the most popular TV show in the world, per head of population.  One […]

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How to be awesome at conferences

I love conferences. They really helped put Gigstarter on the map. In the last two years I’ve spoken at quite a few and met some amazing people. I used to be good at conferences but I have become great because of one man. Conferences used to be a mixture of great and awful for me. […]

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Intercom On Product Review , Mansion House, Dublin, 9/9/15

Intercom Product Manager Shellie Fitzpatrick snapped by Peter O’Shea Last night’s Intercom On Product event in Dublin’s Mansion House will live on for some time to come. The famous Round Room was once again host to Irish revolutionaries. The difference now is that these revolutionaries are making a global impact. As Intercom enters a new […]

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What I learnt from not applying to Y Combinator

There are a few reasons I didn’t hit send and submit that Y Combinator application but I learnt lots from the application procedure. There’s one question in their application form which I’ve come back to again and again: “What’s new about what you’re making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn’t exist yet […]

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Five Questions Which Show You Know

You learn so much in the tech world so quickly! I think we have a lot to thank the lean start-up methodology for that. One of the things I love about the tech world is that it’s a global community that’s all using the same matrix. The Lean canvas is at the core of the […]

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How to sell yourself online.

  Start by filling in these blanks: My Name is ___________. I Make _____________. For _____________ people. When they are __________. Once you’ve filled in the above you’re already on the road to achieving product-market-fit. If you’d like some detail listen to this workshop I led recently at the Youbloom Conference: It was for a room full […]

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