Business As Storytelling?

Discovering how a whole raft of the world’s hottest software companies are using content to drive sales was like walking into a dark room and finding a light switch. Having entered the tech world wondering what someone from a media background had to offer it all became clear. Content is the glue that brings together so […]

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“Europe with it’s eyes open or a Europe with it’s eyes closed to mercy?”

My review of U2’s last night in Dublin has just gone live on A determination to do more for refugees was my personal takeaway. #refugeeswelcome

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Danny Meyer Interview

The biggest thrill for me about writing is the cool people you get to spend time with. Thanks to and the US Embassy here in Dublin I recently got to interview Danny Meyer, one of the world’s top restauranteurs. What really impressed me about Danny was his amazing outlook and attitude which I hope […]

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Irish at Web Summit Round-Up

Now that the dust has settled it’s a good time to see who benefited from Web Summit and how. Over the three days (and nights) of Web Summit I kept tabs on a host of companies including Tribal VC, DAQRI, Intercom, NewsWhip, CurrencyFair, Pundit Arena, Videodoc, Bizimply, Soapbox Labs, ChannelSight, Ragsbox, Playertek, Cubic Telecom, Firmwave, […]

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11 Things I Learned From Gay Byrne

1. The project is bigger than the individual. 2. Data drives insights. 3. Mistakes provide gold. 4. No is never an acceptable response. 5. Nothing happens in less than five minutes. 6. Everything matters 7. Not letting your colleagues down is crucial. 8. The camera will always find you. 9. Navel gazing is boring. 10.Think […]

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Block Party – Europe’s biggest blockchain hack

A blockchain is a distributed database that can be added to but never taken from. The blocks in the chain are records which detail exactly what changes were made to the database and in what order. Bitcoin is the best-known use of blockchain. The blockchain database structure makes it ideal for sharing or trading sensitive […]

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Tim Schumacher, Chairman of AdBlockPlus

Video interview from the Web Summit with Tim Schumacher who is responsible not only for AdblockPlus but also Ecosia – the home page that plants trees with it’s revenue. Never has one so controversial been so calm. Hated by many advertisers and considered a visionary by many, Tim represents a movement to curtail bad advertising. […]

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Thanks so much to Kieran Hannon, Belkin’s Dublin born CMO, for sharing his time in advance of his homecoming to Dublin for the Web Summit for this piece I wrote for

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20 simple ways to make the most of the Web Summit #prewebsummit #2

People from other countries don’t put themselves down and they don’t think it’s funny when we do it. Don’t do it. No one from outside of Ireland and the UK gets the joke. Just stop. Be positive. No one wants to hear your sarky take on why everything’s rubbish. They want optimism, possibility and excitement. To […]

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