Tim Schumacher, Chairman of AdBlockPlus

Video interview from the Web Summit with Tim Schumacher who is responsible not only for AdblockPlus but also Ecosia – the home page that plants trees with it’s revenue. Never has one so controversial been so calm. Hated by many advertisers and considered a visionary by many, Tim represents a movement to curtail bad advertising. […]

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DublinGlobe.com interview with Kieran Hannon from Belkin

Thanks so much to Kieran Hannon, Belkin’s Dublin born CMO, for sharing his time in advance of his homecoming to Dublin for the Web Summit for this piece I wrote for Dublinglobe.com

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20 simple ways to make the most of the Web Summit #prewebsummit #2

People from other countries don’t put themselves down and they don’t think it’s funny when we do it. Don’t do it. No one from outside of Ireland and the UK gets the joke. Just stop. Be positive. No one wants to hear your sarky take on why everything’s rubbish. They want optimism, possibility and excitement. To […]

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#prewebsummit #1 with Jason Musante, Havas Worldwide

#prewebsummit is a series of interviews that I’m conducting on Twitter. There’s some great people coming our way for the (last?) Dublin Web Summit. First up is the amazing Jason Musante, Global Group Creative Director at Havas and MD of their NY office. He’s is working at the logical crossroads of storytelling and tech, for example […]

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Customers Are Not Assholes

I’m having lunch with a good friend of mine and we’re discussing Intercom. I put it to him that the publisher he works for could use Intercom to transform how they interact with readers. “Sure why would we do that”, he replied, “We do our best to keep our readers at bay. Large companies make it […]

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Tech Lessons From Gay Byrne #2 – Data Driven Insights Rule.

We made a major data driven decision every week on The Late Late Show. Our source data was the show viewing figures. All RTE programme makers live and die by the ratings. Even though everyone says ratings don’t matter they are all that matters. Share of available audience is the only metric that counts. In […]

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