Business As Storytelling?

Discovering how a whole raft of the world’s hottest software companies are using content to drive sales was like walking into a dark room and finding a light switch.

Having entered the tech world wondering what someone from a media background had to offer it all became clear.

Content is the glue that brings together so many pieces of modern business that it is moving centre stage.

Business as story telling is the simplest way to describe it.

‘Always be closing’, goes the jokey business mantra which really means ‘you’re always selling’.

All of us who are trying to progress, whether we’re aware of it or not spend a lot of time selling.

Not just products or productised versions of ourselves but ideas, workflows, worldviews, beliefs.

Social media has become the distribution channel for a constantly multiplying torrent of concepts.

Sharing your content has become the default way to build a following today.

What’s gone hand in hand is the intensifying torrent of data.

As a content creator who used to have to wait days to get Television Audience Measurement, I can now get an instant overview of not just who is consuming the content I create, but what brought them to it, how long they stay for, what they do next, what they thought of it and who they share it with. And all that’s just for starters.

If you’re a business trying to build a community around what you do content is becoming far more effective than more traditional forms of marketing.

As a business you can talk about what you do and why do it and see who it attracts. As your content gets less general and more specific you can tell who is most interested in what you do.

Content is inverting traditional logic about the relationship between sales and marketing.

More and more of the smartest, leanest, fastest growing firms in the world are using content to generate qualified leads at a cost that’s allowing them to leave competitors gasping.

We are only at the beginning of feeding content driven customer intelligence into CRM databases. 

What’s coming further down the line is a massive wave of data sources utilising IOT (Internet Of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine).

That’s why we’ve built Snow Furnace – a surfboard we’re paddling out on to catch this big wave- a consultancy which helps clients to take advantage of rapid advances in CMS, IOT and M2M technology to enhance CRM.

At some point our team will find a gap that needs to be filled with software only we can build.

In the meantime we’ll be consulting and building bespoke workflows, software and solutions customer by customer.

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